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37 W. Fairmont Avenue Suite 320, Savannah 31406
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Charles Dane Massage Therapy is conveniently located at 37 W. Fairmont Avenue Suite 320 in Savannah, GA. His practice has been providing a variety of massage services for 22 years. Therapeutic massage manipulates the muscles and soft tissues of the body with pressure and motion for the therapeutic purpose of physical and psychological relaxation, improvement of circulation, relief of sore muscles, and other health benefits. Charles will evaluate your individual needs and goals for massage therapy, develop a personalized plan for you and provide you with simple techniques to keep your muscles relaxed.
We’re located at:
37 W. Fairmont Avenue, Suite 320. Savannah, Georgia. 31406.
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“When I massage, my goal is to talk to the muscles, to make more supple the underlying soft tissue. It is important to set a climate where old habits move aside and new, healthier ones take hold. To me, it is wonderful to work around knotty discomfort, to apply direct pressure to an area that is initially painful, but soon dissolves into supple muscle. Shoulder girdles fall into place, vertebrae realign, and the hot spot a moment ago becomes pleasant to the touch. The goal is for muscles to learn to relax when not needed, in order for the body to work more efficiently and painlessly over time”.
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